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💛  to A-symmetrical.

A blog to share information with individuals with scoliosis and their family. 

I dedicate this blog of information about living and thriving with scoliosis to: 

All Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters, Aunts and cousins with scoliosis as we approach Mother's Day in this year of 2024. 

and... all Grandfathers, Fathers, Sons, Uncles and cousins with scoliosis

and... all my teachers, students, friends and even those who I don't know or have never meet who are living with scoliosis. 

May we all find some comfort in knowing we are not alone.

That we can do things to help ourselves live with more ease in a discerning way. 

That each of us may find something that will help us on our unique journey of healing.


This article was updated on May 12, 2024

Teresa Heit-Murray

Teresa Heit-Murray

Teresa is a Registered Yoga Teacher having completed her 200 hour Pure Yoga training in 2010. Teresa is completing her work to become a RYT-500 through the Prairie teacher training. She continues to increase her knowledge and has a consentraion on therapeutic yoga. She has completed a thesis on Yoga with Scoliosis to help in her own path of healing as well as others.

It is such a joy and blessing to have found yoga. Strength and relief from back pain and stress, is what Teresa came to yoga for in her 20’s. Now that she has been a teacher for over a dozen years, Teresa is happy to continue the traditions of yoga with its benefits for the whole person.

Teresa teaches in a way that helps individual students find what works for their unique anatomy and condition at the moment. Teresa has found yoga has the potential to help with posture, skeletal alignment, muscular strength, pain reduction, joint mobility and even a more positive outlook on life. Teresa also teaches a weekly online meditation as part of a mindfulness sangha. 

Teresa is certified in Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley, Prenatal, Yogakids and Strength and Stability with Lori Gaspar. She has many hours studying Yoga for Scoliosis with Dr. Loren Fishman, Elise Miller and Nancy Fox. She also has special training in healthy back solutions with Gabriel Halpern. 

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